Sorbents come in a variety of sizes, shapes and characteristics to meet your needs. Whether you need some sorbent to keep up on an excellent level of housekeeping within your facilities, to restock a spill kit, or to show your due diligence prior to the event of a spill, we can provide you with the right style and versions that will meet your purpose.


The benefit of oil only pads is right in the name… their only purpose is to pick up hydrocarbon based contaminants and leave all other products behind. This is great when you have a hydrocarbon spill in water, you can extract the hydrocarbons and leave the water behind.
Various sizes available in:

- Pads – Pad Rolls – Booms/Socks – Pillows – Particulate – Drum Top Pads -


These are great to have around and will aid you when it comes to housekeeping! If you or your employees are working in a shop environment and you come upon a small spill don’t hesitate grab a couple of these pads. All liquids from water based fluids to non aggressive acids are handled easily.
Various sizes available in:
- Pads – Pad Rolls – Booms/Socks – Pillows – Particulate – Drum Top Pads -


These pads can handle almost all acids, caustics, solvents and common fluids. They are ideal for emergency services such as fire departments or spill response teams where there is a possibility of working with a hazardous or unknown liquid substance. Don’t take a chance with your safety and your time; simply grab these pads and go.
Various sizes available in:
- Pads – Pad Rolls – Booms/Socks – Pillows – Particulate – Drum Top Pads -


There are various types of granular and powder sorbents on the market at the moment. Each one has its uses and benefits, here are some good examples of the variety available:

Absorbent W
An excellent tool used in capturing loose pooled products. Absorbent W absorbs fuels, oils, solvents and other hydrocarbon liquids on contact. This product is also excellent at removal of sheen from water surfaces. Absorbent W repels water and will not pick up water-based fluids. This product is made of natural wood fiber and has been certified by GREEN CROSS as 100% reclaimed materials.

Magic Sorb
For every spill SHIELD responds to that requires a granular/powder sorbent, our Hazmat specialists do not hesitate in pulling out a bag of Magic Sorb. We find this product to have an outstanding level of product absorption as well is very easy to work in to a spill area that most other sorbents would not.

Enviro Dri
An all purpose granular absorbent. This product works very well for most applications and is currently tried and trusted by municipal departments as a reliable replacement for clay based absorbents. Does not contain silica.

Sphag Sorb
This product is a peat moss compound with a remarkable ability to absorb and encapsulate oils, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and all other organic chemicals.