Look to SHIELD as your supplier for the appropriate supplies and equipment to assist you and your employees for when the time comes that you have to deal with an accidental spill or release.

Take a Pro-Active approach and be ready! Being prepared and able to act efficiently at a time when you have to deal with an incident can save you thousands. SHIELD Staff can assist you in a course of action that will minimize the possibility of a spill and allow you to lessen the damage and clean up when there is a leak or release.

Reasons to be Ready

  • Demonstrates a responsible attitude to employees about environmental protection
  • Assists you in complying with environmental legislation and ISO 14000
  • Demonstrates a proactive approach to spill control
  • Enables you to handle manageable spills internally
  • Reduces clean-up and disposal costs
  • Helps you demonstrate “due diligence”
  • Quick, easy and efficient

Spill Kits



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