Contaminant Hydrogeology Picture 166

Shield Envirogroup is committed to responsible environmental stewardship. As such, we are well versed in the areas of hydrogeological sampling, ESA assessments, contaminant detection, and contaminant migration studies (atmospheric and subsurface). Shield is pleased to offer the following services:

  • Baseline water testing (including bacteria, methane, CO2, N2O, sour gas) surveys as per AEUB Directives and guidelines (Directive 035 and others)
  • ESA Phase I, II, and III assessments and remediations
  • Contaminant migration and data collection/modelling.

Environmental Planning and Assessment

Knowledge, planning, and preparedness are key business traits sought by all industry leaders. Shield Envirogroup can help your company’s performance and balance sheet improve in all three areas with the following proactive services:

  • Geotechnical baseline studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessments in accordance with AENV, AEUB, and CCME guidelines
  • Conservation and reclamation planning/li>
  • Global Information Systems mapping
  • Regulations compliance audits

100_0419Contaminated Site Assessment and Land Reclamation:

Maintaining or returning a site to its safe and usable state is the target at all of Shield Envirogroup’s projects. To assess and improve your project status in an economical and timely manner, Shield is pleased to offer the following services:

  • Baseline studies including water and soil chemistry
  • Drilling waste testing (including toxicity) and disposal
  • Air quality surveys
  • Long and short term monitoring protocols
  • Removal and naturalization of contaminated sites
  • Re-contouring of sites to local geomorphology
  • Water course protection