Spill Response – Emergency Services

If your company is involved in the handling of dangerous goods locally, provincially, or across Canada, look to SHIELD for your emergency response measures.

  • Our highly trained staff and equipment are ready 24 hours a day. Whether you need response for a one-time spill or regular service and support, SHIELD’s Emergency Response Team is ready to help.

Your company can rely on a team of specialists to resolve your incident quickly and efficiently regardless of whether it has occurred on land by road or rail, in or around a facility, and even marine activity. Through our membership with the Canadian Emergency Response Contractor’s Alliance, SHIELD can offer response capability throughout Canada for our clients.

Does your company need an Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP)? Our technical experts develop, modify and review ERAPs to ensure our clients’ needs are met. SHIELD is the emergency responder on many ERAPs for transportation and chemical companies that are required by the following legislation to have carefully designed emergency plans in place that can be implemented quickly and effectively at a time of crisis:

Part 7 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act 1992, requires that before a person offers for transport or imports certain dangerous goods, the person must have an approved Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP).

An Incident can happen anywhere, anytime…

No one benefits from negligence and ill preparedness…


SHIELD Specialized Emergency Services responds to an average of more than 60 hazardous material incidents per year. The majority of the responses are in varying location throughout Western Canada.

Most of our initial call outs are upon the request of the responsible agency, their insurance company, or the attending Fire Service. These incidents range from as simple as a truck fuel leak to much more complex levels of transferring extremely hazardous and immensely reactive substances from damaged bulk transport tanks. Each incident is unique in its own way and our highly trained staff is ready to respond.

To better serve our clients, SHIELD employees are continuously expanding their knowledge and expertise by upgrading their skills, taking specialized courses in dealing with hazardous chemicals and by traveling within Canada and the United States to obtain the highest level of training available in Hazardous Material handling, dangerous goods emergency response, and bulk transport incidents.

SHIELD earns the trust and respect of clients – we do not let them down. A number of Canadian and American large bulk transport companies use our services on an on-going basis through individually designed emergency response retainers.DSCF4359

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